Trusted PCB Fabrication Service

RED FOX adhere strictly to manufacturing rules to maintain quality control, reasonable price and professional customer service.

Red FOX have been continually investing in new technologies and innovative fabrication techniques to bring you high quality PCB fabrication services, first-class PCB factories with high-quality equipment, core machines were all bought from mainstream manufacturers, own air-conditioned, static free environment to fabricate boards within the specification and quantity that you desire.

PCB Capacity


Number of Layers

1-50 layers

Board Material

FR-4 (Tg-135C, 145C, 170C, 180C) FR406, 370HR and FR408

Rogers Ultralam 2000

Rogers RO4350

Rogers RO4003



Black FR4

Arlon AR350

Getek Copper Clad Thermal Substrates

Hybrid (Rogers and FR4) BT Epoxy

Nelco 4013

Metal Core Materials

Board Thickness


Max.finished board side


Min.drill hole size


Min.line width


Min.line spacing


Surface Finish/Treatment

HASL – Leaded Solder Tin/Nickel

HASL – Lead Free Solder

Nickel Flash Gold, Wire Bondable Soft Gold and Electroless Soft Gold

Electroless Nickel

Electrolytic Nickel /Hard Gold and Selective Gold

Immersion Silver and tin, Gold OSP

Carbon Ink


Copper Thickness


Gold Fingers

1 to 4 edges

Solder Mask Type

Per IPC-SM-840, LPI Soldermask, Peelable Soldermask

Solder Mask Colors

Green/Black/White/Matte White/Matte Clear/Red/Blue/Yellow

Silkscreen Colors

White, Black, Yellow to and Bottom Mix, Red One or Both Mix, Blue


PTH Hole Size: ±0.075mm,

NTPH Hole Size :±0.05mm,

Front to Back: ± 0.075mm

Solder Mask: ± 0.075mm

Tooling Holes: ± 0.05mm

Hole to Pad: ± 0.0125mm

CNC Functions

Scoring Edge to Edge Plated Counter bores, Skip Scoring – .250” Spacing Milling, 30 or 60 Degree Score Angle Blind and Buried Vias,

30 to 100 Degree Countersink Controlled Z Axis Route, 15 to 45 Degree Gold Finger Bevel Castellated Barrels, Counter bores Offset or Recessed Beveling, Plated Countersinks

Other PCB Services

Blind and Buried Vias, Plated Slots Specified Dielectric, Tented Vias Controlled Impedance, Solder mask Plugged Vias Via Caps (Solder Mask), Conductive and Non-conductive Filled Vias

Quality / Testing

Inspect to IPC Class 3 Continuity Resistance – 10 to 20 Ohms

Net List Test per IPC-356D Isolation Resistance – 2 to 30 Mega ohms

Test Voltage – 100 to 250 Volts Minimum SMT Pitch 0.5 mm

Our PCB Equipment