PCB Assembly & Testing

RED FOX is renowned for being a leading PCB assembly services provider in China, offering Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly, Through-Hole PCB Assembly, BGA PCB Assembly, Cable and Wire Harness Assembly, Box Build Assembly services. We have a team of expert engineers, and knowledgeable staff, which understands the exact requirements of the customers in less time, We have a well-equipped facility, which helps us manufacture only the best, and high-quality printed circuit board assemblies.

PCBA Manufacturer

PCB Assembly Capability

Lead Time1 – 3 Weeks and Scheduled Deliveries
Parts ProcurementFull Turnkey, Partial Turnkey and Kitted/Consigned
Assembly TypesSurface Mount (SMT), Through-hole, Mixed Technology (SMT/Through-hole),Single or double sided SMT/PTH , Large parts on both sides, BGA on both sides
StencilsLaser cut stainless steel and Nano-coating
Placement componentsQFP,SOP,PLCC,BGA
QFP SpacePitch 0.3mm
Placement accuracy±0.01mm
Max. size350*550mm
Component packagingReels, Cut tape, Tube and Loose parts
Placement capability0805,0603,0402,0201
Solder TypeLeaded and Lead-free/RoHS compliant


Our PCBA Production Equipment

PCB Assembly Testing & Inspection Capability

RED FOX is not only help you assemble high-quality PCBs, but also provide testing service, this helps us to ensure that the assembled print circuit board is free from any defects. Our engineers will test each PCB assembly, offering the possibility to integrate in-circuit testing, 100% functional testing, calibration / adjustment of the test object, parameter setting (e.g. an EEPROM), installing software (e.g. in FLASH), optoelectronic assembly control, high-voltage testing and other technologies.

X-ray Testing: Commonly performed on Quad-flat No-lead (QFN) PCBs, and Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs).

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): Perform the automated optical inspection to check whether any components are missing. The solder paste, polarity, and 0201 components are also checked in this inspection.

Visual Inspection: Involves a general quality check of the circuit board.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT): In-circuit testing is done to check whether there are any shorts, or opens in the circuit. Besides this, it also checks the capacitance, resistance, and others to ensure that the PCB assembly is done right.

Functional Testing: Offer pcb functional testing based on your requirements,check the functionality of the PCB, and ensure whether the performance is according to the expectations.

PCBA Testing Service