Alternative Fixture Reduces PCBA Test Costs

Sep. 30, 1999 Staff | EE Product News Manufacturing test departments that find it hard to justify building expensive fixtures for testing prototype printed-circuit-board assemblies now have an inexpensive alternative to conventional in-circuit fixtures. The HR SR1300 fixture interface accommodates assemblies with up to 1296 nodes, cutting fixture test costs by as much as 50 percent. The new […]

Conrad Launches Germany-Based Assembly Service

Conrad broadened its Component and PCB Service by allowing engineers to design, layout, and order fabricated, populated printed-circuit boards. Furthermore, the integrated online service offers support for the design, manufacture and supply of laser-cut stencils for surface-mount boards. In other news, the company launched an assembly service in Germany.Conrad’s Component and PCB Service meets industrial […]

Five development trends of PCBA

Vigorously develop high-density interconnection technology (HDI) ─ HDI embodies the most advanced technology of contemporary PCB, which brings fine wire and micro-aperture to PCB. Component embedding technology with strong vitality ─ Component embedding technology is a huge change in PCB functional integrated circuits. PCB manufacturers must increase resource investment in systems including design, equipment, testing, […]

PCBA status

Since the production of printed circuit boards is in the latter half of electronic equipment manufacturing, it is called the downstream industry of the electronics industry. Almost all electronic devices need the support of printed circuit boards, so printed circuit boards are the product with the highest market share in the global electronic component products. […]

Basic knowledge of PCBA

Basic material of PCBA The substrate is generally classified by the insulating part of the substrate. Common raw materials are bakelite, fiberglass board, and various types of plastic boards. And PCB manufacturers generally use an insulating part composed of glass fiber, non-woven material, and resin, and then use epoxy resin and copper foil to press […]